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So Lagers – tell me more about that?

To recap – lagers use a lager yeast, ferment at lower temperatures and for longer (compared to ales) and get their name by being stored for a period of time (kind of like wine).

So are there different sorts of lagers? Why yes. The major types include Pilsener, American lager, German lager and European lager. Examples of well known lagers include Stella, Beck’s and Asahi.

A really useful diagram which shows how all these styles relate is at the below link:


With a Bohemian Pilsener fermenting and active investigation into this whole cave thing, Oktoberfest could be on the cards at the brewery!

Cave well, cave often.

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2 comments on “So Lagers – tell me more about that?

  1. Hi Paul I don’t know you yet but I’ve tried some of your beers – through the ‘Western Creek Social Club’. One of the members gave me your details.

    So I’m really impressed with your beers – they really didn’t taste anything like the amateur home-brews that I’ve tried. Wondering if you do small scale commission work – i’d be keen on a cervesa style beer, maybe a couple, or up to 3 slabs only.

    Love your work

    • Hi Anthony,
      Thanks for you kind words – always great to get a good review!

      I think we could definitely help you out there. I know Cerveza is from Costa Rica but now I can’t get James Taylors `Mexico` out of my head – “Way down here you need a reason to move…The sun’s so hot I forgot to go home…”

      Given the lagering time you are probably looking at three month wait. In the mean time you might want to try our as yet unreleased Bohemian pilsener (character vs innocence). It’s tasting like it’s going to be a cracker! Saaz hops, pilsener malt (with a little vienna, caramunich II and carpils thrown in) and a whole lot of fridge time during fermentation.

      I’ll get my people to talk to your people.


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