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When beer is more than just beer

You may well have noticed that we put a fair bit of work into our labels, and our beer names are, well, let’s say unusual. Our thinking behind this is that drinking a beer should be more than just cracking a beautifully crafted beer into a cold glass. We hope the weird names make you think about the future or the past, and the label should be a piece of art that helps take you somewhere else – maybe a long forgotten holiday or maybe the prospect of the beach that is just around the next headland.

We are certainly not the first brewery to use the power of prospect (and occasionally nostalgia) to strengthen the appeal of our beers.

In Australia James Boag’s is synonymous with high end almost cinematic advertising for its beers, in particular Boag’s Premium Lager. But Boag’s has also had a few run ins with  the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code. I guess sailing close to the wind often results in memorable moments one way or another.

We hope you enjoy some of these.


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2 comments on “When beer is more than just beer

  1. Dear Brewer Paul,
    Awesome Pilsner, thank you!
    I just finished a bottle of Character vs Innocence and loving it so much I’ve pulled the label and put it on the fridge so I can responsibly re-live this happy moment at breakfast.
    Fine work!

    • Thanks Anthony,
      Wonderful news – thanks so much for the feedback. Good timing as I just placed a massive order for equipment, bags of grain and specialty malt and yeast to make more of that.

      Have some exciting developments for the summer ahead.

      Be good


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