Hen & Hound Brewery Co.


Hen and Hound Brewing Co. is a small craft brewery operating in Canberra. We have come a long way since our uni share-house origins (where if the yeast fell on the floor you called on the dustpan and brush). We use the best ingredients we can – be it imported or local (including home grown hops).

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With a slightly overactive imagination and hyperactive personality at Hen & Hound there is always something brewing – always a┬átried and tested favourite and often a new creation. Sometimes the newbies are amazing, sometimes disasters but we always try to keep something exciting in the wings.

Our labels aren’t all that typical. Some require some explaining, some are beyond explanation and some just a shake of the head or wink. If you have any ideas for names or photos or want a personalised brew made get in touch.

We are always happy to talk, drink and brew beer.

Have fun!

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